The Caileigh Lynn McDowell Scholarship

The Caileigh Lynn McDowell Foundation Scholarship honors a Woodland Hills High School senior that exemplifies the ability to finds common ground with their classmates.  This individual is inclusive, has a generous spirit and is always kind. Just like Caileigh.

2016 Honoree

Bernice Kapadjiba, Lock Haven University

2017 Honorees

Lilly Adams, Penn State

Allie Mroczkowski, La Roche College

2018 Honoree

AJ Prestogeorge, University of Pittsburgh

2019 Honorees

Jenna Joseph, Clarion University

Kyle Fogarty, Michigan State University


Live Like A Warrior

Everyone that had the privilege of knowing Caileigh, knows that she loved unifying people, encouraging others, standing up for justice, sharing a smile and spreading kindness. Her tragic, unexpected death at 17 has created a community movement to remember and honor her goodness.


Her Cai-ness. #spreadcainess


The Kindness Movement, has launched with the distribution of kindness cards. These free cards are used as leave behinds for all of those moments when a reminder of love, compassion, encouragement or unity can change a situation for the better and leave someone with a smile.



International Kindness Day

Starting on February 20, for 42 days, we are asking people to live like a warrior (like Caileigh), be kind to themselves and others and find their inner strength and conviction to do something that will make life better for them individually or for others; or both. Lose weight, get to the gym, volunteer, prepare to run for office, start a business, visit your grandma, share kindness with strangers, etc.


What's your 42?


GirlGov Scholarship

The Women and  Girls Foundation GirlGov program created by teen women for teen women, is designed to provide local girls with the opportunity to learn, first hand, about civics, government, philanthropy, community involvement, women’s history, and leadership. In Honor of Caileigh, each year a scholarship will be provided for a Woodland  Hills High School student to participate and continue her passion.

Caileigh was passionate about people using their vote to participate in our democracy. She believed in the rights of all people to have their voices heard. Tragically, Caileigh passed away 9 days before she could register to vote. In honor of her passion for politics and voting, The Caileigh Lynn McDowell Foundation will  be conducting Pop-Up Voter Registration events for 18 year old students all over the country.

Pop-Up Voter Registration


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