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Everyone that had the privilege of knowing Caileigh, knows that she loved unifying people, encouraging others, standing up for justice, sharing a smile and spreading kindness.


Her tragic, unexpected death at 17 has created a community movement to remember and honor her goodness.


Her Cai-ness. #spreadcainess


The Kindness Movement, has launched with the distribution of kindness cards. These free cards are used as leave behinds for all of those moments when a reminder of love, compassion, encouragement or unity can change a situation for the better and leave someone with a smile.


Since 2016, over 40,000 Kindness cards have been distributed and have been accompanied by countless random acts of kindness! 

The Kindness Movement has added a Light the Night with Love and Kindness effort that brings light to the darkness with a large heart composed of many luminaries as a symbol of the acknowledgment and remembrance of all those members of our community that have faced and are facing hard times, grief, violence and suffering. Additional students from various grades in the Woodland Hills School district will contribute decorated luminary bags with messages of love, hope, unity and strength that will be included in the beautiful display.


This impactful display of luminaries is meant to bring a feeling of positivity and kindness and will be a visual symbol of LIGHT, HOPE and LOVE. After the light of hope and love shined in the Woodland Hills community, the students from Woodland Hills High School then shared that light forward with student leadership from Westmont Hilltop High School, Penn Hills High School and Aliquippa High School who then continued to spread light and love by using our light and adding their own to a luminary display that they created in their own communities.

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