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Live Like a Warrior Movement
42 days of kindness, conviction and strength.


What’s your 42?


Every year, starting on February 20, for 42 days, we ask people to live like a warrior (like Caileigh).  We want people to use these 42 days to  kind to themselves and others and find their inner strength and conviction to do something that will make life better and bring goodness to the world. Lose weight, go to the gym, volunteer, prepare to run for office, start a business, visit your grandma, share kindness with strangers, etc. 


We can all Live Like a Warrior!

Caileigh was rushed in an ambulance to the ER on February 20, 2016 and remained in the hospital for 42 days. She had a catastrophic bowel blockage. 7 surgeries from February 20 until she lost her fight on April 2. Just 9 days shy of her 18th birthday. Undiagnosed Crohn's Disease and many complications that could have been avoided were too much for her body to overcome.

Caileigh fought like a warrior. 42 days in the ICU displaying the strongest will to live that you will ever witness. Courage. Resilience and strength. A true warrior. She was resolved to get through her trauma and battled to extraordinary lengths to stay here with her family and friends. 

More strength than most of us will ever need to exhibit or will ever witness in someone else. If she could fight like that, against all odds, we can fight too. Honoring her strength with our strength.


 Be like Caileigh. Live Like a Warrior.

#livelikeawarrior #spreadcainess #caileighsfightsong

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